Starcut Ciders

Bellaire, Michigan USA

Starcut Ciders, brought to you by Short’s Brewing Company, was founded in 2014 and born out of a desire to make unique and traditional ciders from the orchards that surround us in Northern Michigan. Made from apples sourced from our own backyard and throughout the state of Michigan, we make cider not only because we love it, but because we have a strong desire to make a beverage we believe in. We are committed to crafting ciders that showcase the beauty of our home.

Brew Name

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6.3% ABV
A semi-sweet cider made with Michigan cherries. Ruby red in color, sweet dark fruit flavors lead into a boldly tart and dry finish.

Erraticus 6

Rare Beer 6.4% ABV
A wild cider fermented with apples and black currants and aged in oak barrels.