Nomad Cidery

Crafted on Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City, Nomad Cider is made from 100% Northern Michigan apples. All of our apples and cherries are grown on Kroupa Farm and other farms on Old Mission Peninsula and travel less than 15 miles from orchard to press. Apple varietals include Courtland, Northern Spy, McIntosh, Baldwin, Greening, Ida Red and Red Delicious. All apples are harvested, pressed and crushed on-site here at Nomad. We use only fresh pressed apples, never concentrates or syrups, to create our hard ciders.

Nomad Cherry

6.5% ABV
The blend of apples and cherries used to create Cherry Nomad is harmonious. The rich flavor of Montmorency and Balaton tart cherries compliments the complex apple flavors used to make this cider. The blend has subtle complexities of a fine with encapsulated in a bright, refreshing cider.

Nomad Semi-Sweet

6.5% ABV
This semi-sweet cider has a fresh picked apple aroma, followed by a bright fresh apple flavor. The crisp carbonation is compliments by a balance of apple sugars and tannins that give it a full, but light and refreshing mouthfeel.