Left Foot Charley

806 Red Drive #100 Traverse City, Michigan, MI 49684 • (231) 995-0500

Left Foot Charley is a winery like no other. In lieu of the single estate model, LFC is a collection of grape and apple growers located throughout Northern Michigan dedicated to growing fruit for our wine and cider. Located in the urban setting of the former Traverse City State Hospital campus known as The Village, LFC creates an array of balanced white wine, red wine and hard cider. Every bottle tells the story of the farm, the vintage and the winemaker’s dream of sharing it all with you.

Cinnamon Girl

5% ABV
This is a classic combination – apples and cinnamon. The apples are harvested from two farms on the Old Mission Peninsula and fermented in stainless steel for 6 weeks. Whole cinnamon sticks are then added and steeped in the cider for 4-6 weeks.

Henry’s Pippin

A dry, classic style cider. We blended several different fermentations from our multitude of options in the cellar. Some were fermented in barrels, some in oak tanks and some in stainless steel tanks.