Atwater Brewery

237 Joseph Campau Detroit, MI 48207 • (313) 877-9205

“Founded in 1997, Atwater Block Brewery made its debut in Detroit, Michigan in the historic Rivertown district. The original owner’s reasoning and focus was to bring back the Bohemian style lager that Stroh’s Brewing Company had made famous in the mid 1800’s. The passion for beer started in 1848 when the first mass produced beer was bottled in the Detroit area. So although Detroit is known for being the Motor city, at one time Michigan had more production breweries than anyone in the country. Atwater wanted to re-invent that product back in 1997 of making German style Lagers. The owners purchased a Kasper Schulz, the oldest makers of brewing equipment in the world! It was purchased at a trade show in 1996 and by 1997 Atwater was producing beer!

Dirty Blonde

ABV 4.5% IBU 8
Crisp Wheat smoothness gives way to a touch of coriander snap and a kiss of sweet orange peel.

Better Life Choices IPA

ABV 6.5% IBU 85
American IPA brewed with a combination of well-balanced malt and resin radiating Hop characteristics.


ABV 4.9% IBU 14
German Pale Wheat malt lends this clean offering a lightly citric crispness. Brewed with real Mango. Welcome to the jungle:)

Hazelnut Vanilla Java Porter

ABV 4.5% IBU 13
A complex, malty dark beer with a lightly burnt character.

Blueberry Cobbler Ale- RARE BEER

ABV 8% IBU 38
This palate pleasing Ale is brewed with an abundance of pure Michigan blueberries to tickle your tongue with tartness then follow up with the perfect amount of vanilla sweetness.